In this tutorial I will help you to create an android jokes widget from scratch, using a real jokes API from “official jokes API”

We will cover the basics for creating a widget with a configuration screen and we will save our user selections using shared preferences.

We will also build a simple HTTP client with google volley for fetching the jokes for the widget and make it responsive to user interaction.

You can clone the project from GitHub and follow the steps below along with the coding samples.

GitHub project —


In this post, I will address the case where certificate validation within a container in an isolated environment is required, without binding it to the host’s certificates.

Meaning when the certificate can not be a part of the host’s CA bundle, the file with all the root and intermediate certificates.

The concept is pretty simple.

Considering we want our container to be deployed on different hosts with different operating systems, the isolated solution is basically to install the certificate inside the container when it starts.

All we need to do is to pass the certificate to the container and run…

Aviad H

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